Long Island MMA promotions | Long Island Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Long Island MMA’s Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu program or Long Island BJJ is one of the strongest programs we have here at Long Island MMA, and it’s only getting stronger.

Recently Long Island MMA has a bunch of new promotions. Congratulations to the following people.

Congratulations to Steve Rothman for getting his Blue Belt from Long Island MMA’s Gregg DePasquale. Steve has been working really hard and has been improving a lot. Steve also recently won a BJJ tournament right before he got his promotion. Steve has a lot of passion for BJJ and a lot of love for the sport. Steve is the president of the Birmingham Universities BJJ club.

Also congratulations to Long Island MMA’s Mia from the LIMMA kid classes for getting her white-grey belt! Mia and her brother have been doing jiu-jitsu at Long Island MMA for 2 years and are always putting in a tremendous effort. Mia has developed a very well rounded BJJ game, her game is very advanced for her young age.

Also congratulations to Sophia for earning her BJJ white-grey belt from the Long Island MMA kids program. Sophia also has a super well rounded BJJ game and Sophia has become a leader amongst her peers. Sophia has a nasty mount and we are excited to see her improve.

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