Long Island MMA Butter Videos

Long Island MMA has many videos some of them with over 100k views and some have less then 100 views but they all have the same amount of hard work and dedication that go into making them. In this weeks butter videos Long Island MMA Long Island MMA is showing off two of our videos that are often overlooked BUT-ARE (BUTTER) great videos non-the-less

The first one is a simple but a very important video from Long Island MMA Black Belt Billy Hofacker 2 things you should never do when you are inside someones guard. This is a great video for BJJ new comers and we often find ourselves explaining these two details to alot of our new students.

The second video is a bit of a more advanced technique from coach Brent. Brent teaches us one of his favorite and most used techniques the Butterfly guard sweep. Coach Brent is known for his butterfly guard sweep so check out his details in this technique.

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