Triton Fights +New Promotion + Holiday training | Long Island MMA news update!

Long Island MMA at Triton Fights + Holiday training | Long Island MMA news update!

Long Island MMA had a good night this past staurday at Triton fights. Long Island MMA sent in 3 guys to compete. Chris Guariglia was making his MMA debut and was up as the first fight of the night. Chris went out and fought a tough fighter with a lot of skill in stand up, Chris wasn’t afraid to trade punches with him but ultimately got him on the ground each and every round. In the thrid round Chris got reversed from mount and ended up on the bottom, Chris was able to scramble and find an arm-lock finishing his opponent in the third round. Next up was Long Island MMA’s Mike Fitzroy, this was Mikes 3rd MMA fight but mike looked like a real veteran. Mike opponent much likes Chris’ was one of the tougher people on the card. Mike showed his improvement in his stand-up and wound up winning an unanimous decision. Asheik Ajim who was suppose to fight on the card vs Dennis Stamp, didn’t get a chance to compete in MMA but Triton set up a grappling match for him instead. Ashieks opponent came in 10 lbs over weight so he was not able to fight. Triton set up Ashiek in a grappling match against Stamp’s teammate. Ashiek looked calm and confident as he was able to attack his opponent the entire time. Ashiek did not get the win because of the submission only rule set but it was a fun contest to watch. The match ended in a draw.

Long Island MMA was in full support at Triton fights we saw Long Island MMA members everywhere during the Triton event! We are looking forward to the next event so our fighters can

show their skills. Pictures on the right is Mike Fitzroy after his dominant win and pictured above is Long Island MMA’s Chris “Big -Nog” Guariglia as he was getting his hand raised inside the Triton cage! Great job to everyone who participated at the fights in Long Island everyone did great!


Holiday Training! 
Long Island MMA’s mats were packed during our Thanksgiving training session. Long Island MMA members stormed the mats as more then 40 people came out to train at our Farmingdale location on the holiday. One of our faviorte things about the holiday is our training class we typically run. With Christmas closing in we are already thinking about when we should get our Christmas session in. We hope to replicate the craze we had on the mats during our Thanksgiving session!

in other all around Long Island MMA good news, our Long Island MMA Children’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu program just got a major upgrade. Long Island MMA’s Joe-Joe was promoted to the rank of yellow belt by Long Island MMA head kids coach Brian. Joe-Joe has been showing great improvements in his Jiu-Jitsu and has displayed true leadership qualities that make him an excelent team leader. We are proud of Joe-Joe and we can’t wait to see what else is in store for him at Long Island MMA! – Congratulations Joe-Joe!

Women in MMA| Long Isalnd MMA

Often times people think of MMA as a male only sport, but recently with the popularity of the women’s division in the UFC and fighters like Ronda Rousey people have been paying more attention to the womens of MMA. Here is an awesome article on two of Long Island MMA’s up and coming women fighters Chrissy Yandolli and Sarah Thomas!

Check out the article here:


Joe Ninomiya wins his first MMA fight! | Long Island MMA

Joe Ninomiya wins his first MMA fight for Long Island MMA.

Joe started training at Long Island MMA when he was 16 years old and became a successful MMA fighter!

Joe Ninomiya wins NYFE (the photo is incorrect)

Joe Ninomiya wins his first MMA fight

Joe Ninamiya is a great example of young, hard working talent. Joe is one of the hardest working individuals here at the gym and it paid off as he secured his MMA debut victory in devastating fashion this past weekend at New York Fight Exchange. Joe put on a display of great technique from the opening bell and never stopped trying to finish his opponent. He did such a good job in the first round that his opponent couldn’t come out in the second, throwing in the towel, giving Joe Ninamiya the TKO victory ! Joe proved to be a great competitor and has a great future here at Long Island MMA.