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There are some tremendous advantages and benefits of learning and training in the martial arts. In training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at Long Island MMA and Fitness Center, I quickly learned that simply by adding Jiu Jitsu (Long Island BJJ) to my routine, I lost A LOT of weight. To be honest, I wasn’t even looking to start training in Jiu Jitsu in order to lose weight; But as a result of training, the weight loss kind of just happened! Hey, I’m not complaining!
I started training Long Island Brazilian Jiu Jitsu after high school ended. During my high school career, I was always an athlete and with high school being over, I needed something that would help meet my competitive desire. Martial Arts does that and so much more. At Long Island Mixed Martial Arts and Fitness Center, the instruction is WORLD CLASS, and you quickly become part of the team simply by training. That team involvement is one of the major things that I missed from competing in high school sports and at LIMMA and Fitness Center, I quickly became part of a team again.
Besides being an excellent work out and a means of weight loss, training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has allowed me to meet many people that I typically wouldn’t talk to in my daily life. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) is a sport based mostly on technique and not on athleticism. Because of this, you are able to train for much longer then in traditional sports like football or basketball. The age range is so wide in the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Community that you might train with someone who is twice your age or even younger than you. Because of this, you often make friends with people who you wouldn’t typically be friends with.
Whether you are looking to train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, lose some weight, fight professionally, meet new friends or just pick up a hobby for the New Year, Long Island Mixed Martial Arts and Fitness Center, located in Lindenhurst, Long Island, is the place for you! We are the premier BJJ training facility on Long Island and look forward to hearing from you!

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Hi, this is Brian from Long Island MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) and Fitness Center and this is the first blog of many! If you are looking to train at our facility or just looking for some information about us, I hope this blog will help.
We are Located on 1 Gear Ave in Lindenhurst, right off of Wellwood Ave. The trainers here at Long Island MMA and Fitness Center are legitimately the best trainers on Long Island. Better yet, they are the best trainers in New York. We offer a wide range of classes for all ages and skill levels including Mixed Martial Arts, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, Kickboxing and Wrestling. There are also awesome Cardio Fitness and Strength & Conditioning classes. All of our classes are taught by World class practitioners of their respective arts.
The Classes are all run with organization and fluidity and the atmosphere of the classes is unbeatable! Everyone from the instructor’s right down to the newest members is always in good spirits. One of the major differences between Long Island Mixed Martial Arts and other mixed martial arts schools is the attention our trainers pay to personal growth. What I mean is the instructors here are all committed to making sure you meet your personal goals; Whether you want to be a world class cage fighter or you’re just looking to shed a few pounds, come down and check out Long Island MMA.
Take Advantage of our 30 DAY FREE TRIAL!!  If you are looking for a place to train and you’re not sure about us why don’t youcome down and TRY US FOR FREE?  When I was first looking for a school, I searched all around Long Island and the best I could find was 1 day free. In 1 day you won’t be able to successfully access the school and won’t be able to determine if the school is right for you.  So if you’re not sure about us shoot us a call, email us, or just stop by. Come and Join a winning team!