David Hubbard Takes Home Bronze

Great job David Hubbard who placed third and took home the Bronze Medal at the New York International Open IBJJF Championship in the 181 Blue Belt Division.  David had 67 people in his division, losing in the semi-finals by an advantage point to the eventual tournament champion.  David is still yet to surrender a single point in competition as a Blue Belt.

Long Island MMA’s Chrissy Yandolli featured on WBAB Radio Show!!!

Chrissy Yandolli is being pitted against Ted Lindner from WBAB’s radio show Roger & JP, in a Kickboxing match!  Ted is convinced that he can take her, we shall see if Chrissy can change his mind.  My prediction for the fight…TKO via headkick by Chrissy!

Check it out here:

Chrissy Yandolli K-1 Kickboxing fight Friday, April 15th…Don’t miss it!

Lights Out Promotion presents Chrissy Yandolli rematching title holder Sadee Monserrate Friday, April 15th at the NYWC Sportatorium.  Doors open for the event at 6:30 PM and the first fight is at 7:30 PM.  We have tickets available at Long Island MMA & Fitness Center (1 Gear Avenue, Lindenhurst, New York) starting at $35 each.  If you want to see Chrissy in action and show your support, come down and pick up your tickets asap…they are almost all gone!

The best film training montage of all time? You be the judge!

Throughout cinematic history we as film viewers have had the privilege of witnessing the growth of
average fighters transform into unstoppable champions. This is all due to our favorite part of every
combat sports movie…THE TRAINING MONTAGE!!!
So what is the best training montage of all time? You guys be the judge, we will tally the votes and
crown the champion of champions. If you would like to submit more training scenes to this list, be sure
to comment.

Rocky 1


Rocky 2


Rocky 3


Rocky 4

Karate Kid

Best of the Best




Vision Quest


Big thanks to the guys at www.mmahq.com for hooking up Frank Sforza

Long Island MMA and Fitness Center would like to thank http://www.mmahq.com for hooking up Frank Sforza with a Black Japanese Classic Isami Kimono (As seen with Frank in the above picture). Frank has recently become an internet cult phenomenon on their website (if you haven’t been following the forum there, check it out). Known as Frank “The White Belt”, Frank’s colorful personality that we all know and love at the gym has even gotten him his own FaceBook fan page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Frank-The-White-Belt/156467197746421