[Video] Knee Clamp Armbar | Jiu-Jitsu Submission

Knee Clamp Armbar | Jiu-Jitsu Submission

Long Island MMA’s first black belt Billy Hofacker teaches us how to do a tricky arm lock. This submission can be applied any time you are looking for an arm-bar or off of the take-down like shown in the video.

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Bellator 180 ‘Sonnen vs Silva’ featuring Long Island MMA’s Hugh McKenna & Sergio DaSilva

Bellator 180 ‘Sonnen vs Silva’ featuring Long Island MMA’s Hugh McKenna & Sergio DaSilva

Bellator 180 ‘Sonnen vs Silva’ takes place June 24, 2017, at Madison Square Garden in New York, featuring Long Island MMA’s Hugh Mckenna and Sergio “The Savage” Da Silva! Long Island MMA was not present during the UFC’s 1st outing at MSG when McGreggor took on Alverez and many of the New York and Long Island MMA fan were very disappointed. The UFC went on to do the right thing and made Long Island MMA’s Ryan LaFlare thefirst fight ever at the Barclay Center in Brooklyn, Bellator continues to put Long Island MMA fighters on MSG card which helps make up for the absence of LI MMA fighters at MSG on there first MMA event.

Both Hugh McKenna and Sergio DaSilva will be featured selling discounted tickets to the event, to attend please use one of their promo-codes located on the bottom of each of these posters.

LONG ISLAND MMA’s Second location GRAND OPENING | Islip Long Island MMA

Long Island MMA is happy to announce that Friday May 5th – Sunday May 7th we will be having a GRAND OPENING event for our new location.

Our new location is located inside Gold’s Gym in Islip, 181 Freeman Ave #5, Islip, NY 11751.

From 9-10am Friday the 5th – Sunday the 7th we will have an open workout with current UFC fighters to celebrate, feel free to come in anytime and sign up. We will be signing people up at a special discounted rate only available through this event.

TAKEDOWN BREAKDOWN #1 – Lobov’s Knee Block at UFC Fight Night 108 Swanson vs Lobov

TAKEDOWN BREAKDOWN – Lobov’s Knee Block at UFC Fight Night 108 Swanson vs Lobov

In this new segment from Long Island MMA, Long Island MMA’s head wrestling coach Kyle Cerminara will breakdown take downs and take down attempts in MMA fights. For this first Breakdown Kyle talks about the knee block takedown that Artem Lobov used on Cub Swenson in the main event of UFC fight night 108 that took place last Saturday. Kyle breaks the take down the knee block takedown that Artem used to take down cub as well as gives 3 other variations he likes to use.

As always be sure to let us know if there is any techniques you want to see broken down!
(it doesn’t have to be in the UFC)

Long Island MMA & Long Island Strength and Performance 2017 Health Fair

Long Island MMA & Long Island Strength and Performance 2017 Health Fair

Who: Long Island MMA and freinds
What: Spring 2017 Health Fair and Enrollment Event!
When: May 6th 2017 from 1-4pm
Where: Long Island MMA and Fitness Center, 590 smith st Farmingdale NY 11735
Why: To give back to Long Island MMA members and the Long Island community in general and promote a healthier lifestyle!

Spring is Here and we are ready to help you and your family achieve your health and fitness goals. Come and join us and a few of our favorite local partners for a fun filled afternoon!

Prizes, Giveaways, and Enrollment Discounts all day! Every Attendee gets a raffle ticket! Bring your family and invite your friends this event is FREE for everyone!

The day will include:
-Free Health and Fitness Assessment
-Free Movement Screens
-Free Jiu-Jitsu classes
-Free Mobility Training
-Free LISP strength work-outs
-Local vendors specializing in nutrition, physical therapy, massage therapy, beauty and skincare!
-Prizes, Giveaways and enrollment discounts all day long!

[VIDEO] Kimura Class | Kimura Sweep from half guard

Kimura Class | Kimura Sweep from half guard | Long Island Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

As many of you guys know it has been Kimura month durring all Long Island MMA Jiu Jitsu Classes, Both No-Gi and Gi. The only exception is the Leg lock classes but all Long Island MMA’s grappling classes have been kimura themed. In the video below coach Brent teaches the Wednesday 7pm Nogi class how to do a sweep using the kimura from the half guard position.

We are looking forward to seeing you down here tomorrow for a follow up to this technique!

iu Jitsu Technique:
Kimura Sweep from half guard

Brent was going over how to do a back take off of a Kimura sweep from half guard in this video. The video was shot during one of our No-gi BJJ classes during Kimura month.

Brent teaches every Wednesday at 7pm at Long Island MMA in Farmingdale!

PS! please excuses the fans in the background it was hot that day!


Train with Brent at Long Island MMA
590 Smith St Farmingdale NY 11735

Pat Rivera Blog #16 | Kimura Month

Who’s excited for  kimura  month at Long Island MMA? I know I am! Ever since Long Island Mixed Martial Arts announced kimura traps for the month of April, I’ve been exctited to take the drive down to the farmingdale location and train my kimuras! Depo . For those unfamiliar with kimura, it’s essentially a figure four with your arms trapping your opponents arm in between. The submission focuses on locking up the shoulder and extending the elbow while the wrist are locked up and your arm is rotated behind your back. If that doesn’t make sense, trust me it sucks to be trapped in the kimura. If you genuinely aren’t familiar with the kimura and its various traps or set up make it a priority to attend during the month for both gi and no-gi. Personally, I hardly use it in my game (not sure if I even have a game), not because I am against it but really because I just never really practiced it. However, I did train with a fellow Long Island MMA member who’s favorite move was the kimura, He is a suffolk police officer so it makes sense he would like to move because it is kind of like cuffing a bad guy. We used to drill different traps over and over during the week. Basically what I learned while training with him was that the submission was nearly available from anywhere. He was able to force it at times and in other times bait me into being set up. Depo has been demonstrating so far a few lures to trap your opponent. My favorite so far is the details he has been laying in his foundation to his upcoming kimura month. I believe the small intricacies he’s explained is the difference between finishing the submission and ultimately not. So you don’t have to twist my arm (see what I did there), I’ll be there during kimura month!!
-Pat Rivera

Pat Rivera Blog # 15 | Don’t be nasty

Every gym has there particular etiquettes. Etiquette here meaning different rules or unique practices and or beliefs. Some gyms require you to sit down in silence while the instructor is explaining the technique. Some people have their own beliefs that they ritually practice. It’s entirely the norm in some gyms or perhaps mainly “dojo’s” to bow before you step onto the mats. Even at our own gym where such actions are not mandated, I have witnessed our fellow members do so before stepping on to the mat. It’s totally respectful and tradition from some where that I am not knowledgeable on. In one particular gym I believe they only allow you to train in a white gi as to not blemish the color of the mats with your gi color. Aside from the gym specific practices there are totally hygienic procedures that everyone should take part in whether or not the gym strictly enforces it. We should all be kind to our training partners. Nobody wants to train with the guy who hasn’t washed his gi in a month, believe me! At Long Island MMA they measures to keep the facility germ free. Regardless, of how immaculate the gym is the odds of you contract any ring worm lets say isn’t going to come because of the mats or because you licked the light switches ( don’t lick light switches people). You most likely got what ever from some one. LIMMA takes its precautions regardless. They spray the mats with special disinfectants. We can train all night and day on it. However, it’s up to you to have proper etiquette when walking on and off the mats. We are all quite used to walking around barefoot. Where you walk barefoot others walk with sneakers on. It’s proper practice to wear the appropriate foot wear when walking off the mats to avoid cross contaminating what’s on the heavily circulated floors on to the mats.

-Pat Rivera