[Video] What to do from a failed knee block | Long Island Wrestling

[Video] What to do from a failed knee block | Long Island Wrestling.

Long Island MMA’s wrestling coach Kyle Cerminara is joined by Long Island MMA‘s owner and UFC top welterweight Ryan LaFlare for today’s technique! In today’s technique Kyle goes over what to do when his knee block take-down fails. Kyle also goes over how to do the knee block in the same video.

Let us know if you have any questions or ideas for other techniques.


Congratulations to Keno, Anthony and Aiden!

Congratulations to Keno, Anthony and Aiden!

Congratulations to Keno, Anthony and Aiden of the Long Island MMA kids class. All three students are constantly taking Long Island Kid’s BJJ classes and their hard work and progress shows. All three students recently completed and placed in their first BJJ tourney, these students are also tremendous leaders inside and outside the gym. Aiden and Anthony both got promoted from white-black belt to grey belt and Keno just got promoted from grey belt to grey-whitebelt!

Congrualtions to all three kids! keep on working hard!

Today 3/15/17 830 Hkickboxing

Today at 830pm Christian Dottin will be teaching the Hkickboxing class. This is a level 1 Hkickboxing class and this will be Christians second time teaching it. We got such a good response last time people were wondering when Christian will be teaching again so we wanted to let everyone know! Christian has been training at Long Island MMA for quite sometime and has been a great example of the Hkickboxing system, during Long Island MMA’s first Grading Seminar christian was among the very few that was awarded a level 3 ranking from Henri Hooft. In addition to competing in Kickboxing and being a level 3 ranked Hkickboxer, Christian is also a school teacher which makes him an excellent Kickboxing instructor. Be sure to be here today!

Pat Rivera Blog #12 | Keto and chill

Recently, I started ketosis to expedite my weight loss process. Ketosis at its simplest explanation is a diet consisting of very minimal carbohydrates. The last time I tried the keto diet, I was training for a bjj competition and needed to lose nearly 30 lbs in a month of time. I’ve never lost that much weight in a short time frame, as I am not a professional anything other than architect. Keto helped me shred the weight off at a very rapid pace. At the time I was training multiple times a day and really pushing my body. I am a little bit older now and I have been training lets say two to three times per week sort of consistently for a few months. The annoying part is that I haven’t lost a single pound since I have picked up training again. I avoided the scale for the first two months of training. I started around the time of Thanksgiving. Around the corner from that gluttonous holiday is Christmas. I know I know I could of said no to all the delicious food and made my life easier but I didn’t. Not only did I gain weight during the early part of my training but I consequently affected my training. My asthma was stupid while I rolled. I sounded like I was going to be turned inside out gasping for air. To make things worst, I work a sedentary job and my co-workers (and I) love to order bad bad food!!! I needed change to say the least. Not only change but also a kick start too. I wasn’t bad always in terms of my diet. I ate paleo for the most part. However, weekends I would feast and on lazy mornings I would cave to bagels. Luckily for me some family members were picking my brain for tips on ketosis and recipes. I found myself answering a lot of questions and decided why not join them. So my significant other and I have been fully committed for a week or so and I can finally say I lost some weight!! I was happy to see the scale nearly five pounds lighter. Only down side from the deprivation of carbs was I had zero energy while training fasted. I hate training on a full stomach but I may switch things up to prevent feeling depleted. Now that I am getting my resolution on track I am hungry for more results, six pack here I come!
-Pat Rivera

January Attendance Contest Winner: Mike Mcpartland

January Contest Winner: Mike Mcpartland

Congratulations to Mike Mcpartland for wining Long Island MMA’s first ever attendance contest. This was a fun contest we did for the month of January, the person who came to the most classes won a prize. Mike came to more classes then anyone else in the month of January, winning the contest. Actually Mike came to more classes then there were days in the month, often times Mike doubled up on classes on the same day, some days even tripled. Long Island MMA saw a huge increase in Mike’s ability and skill during that time too! Mike won the prize of a custom Long Island MMA gi, along with 2 privates lessons! Congratulations Mike!

Pat Rivera Blog #12 | Family Matters

Recently, my cousin signed up his little son to BJJ in south Florida. After watching the little homie have a blast my cousin decided he would embark on his own journey of martial arts. He signed up as well and has been nothing short of obsessed with his new found love. My cousin lives in Florida and like seemingly the rest of the world we speak here and there and mainly communicate subsequently through various social media platforms like facebook and instagram. Since he has joined he calls some nights to discuss training. I get the low down on who’s punking who down in his gym. He asks me advice or tells me what moves they’re practicing.Naturally, I boast about Long Island MMA every chance I get and I tell him what is going on in our gym. I’ll brag about how La Flare just won his UFC bout in Brooklyn or explain to him the fine details of Depo’s effective butterfly guard sweeps. He’s been in it for about a two months or so and even though he’s not bringing his enthusiasm to LIMMA, I am still very happy for him and passion. Just like the ever so popular ( perhaps fad? ) crossfit, BJJ brings together many people. We’re clicky whether we like to admit it or not. We have our own jargon and like to wear stretchy spandexie tight clothes or maybe that’s just me!!! Who cares though, its our thing. Most importantly it brings us all together. It gives us a common ground. I look forward to the phone calls from cousin to speak BJJ. I don’t get to hang out much after classes but some of the best bro time is on the side of the mats watching some of the people put in extra work. We get all philosophical, share insight and even give our own play by play of the live rolls. Along the way we meet new training partners, develop friendships and formulate a certain brotherhood. My cousin albeit a cousin through marriage is family, he is also now part of my extended BJJ family, just like everyone at LIMMA whom I consider family.
-Pat Rivera 

ANOTHER Long Island MMA Blue-belt!

Right after Sarah and Justin got promoted at 6pm BJJ fundamentals Chris Messina was also awarded his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Blue-belt from head BJJ coach Gregg DePasquale! Chris has been working hard and constantly improving in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Chris has a very busy schedule and fits Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in as much as possible even taking the 6am classes and coming in during the PM and rolling on his own when he can’t find a class to come to! We are very proud of Chris and look forward to watching him continuing to improve!