Pat Rivera Blog | To beard or not to beard.

To beard or not to beard? This is almost never a question for me. I know were in the thick of November and every bro out there is rocking either a mean stache or grizzly beard for, “no shave November”. However, having a beard and training SUCKS! I’ve been going hard for almost an entire year with out shaving. My beard is rather lush at this point. I’ve taken good care of it too. Thanks to the Savage Sergio for pointing me in the direction of Savage Mane, my beard is often silky smooth yet more manly smelling than Ron Swanson. To be quite honest there aren’t many reason that I would ever want to go beardless. Shoot, I’m getting hitched in 3 months and my fiancée has even asked me to cut my beard down (she didn’t ask to take it entirely off) but needless to say I considered sending her packing for such outrageous request. However, I’ve come to cross road in my person beard journey. Getting your beard ripped out hurts like B&*^# ! Not even joking, my first few days back into training I was expecting my muscles to perhaps be a little tender and sore. Nope! Not even the case, my freaking face hurt ( yea yea insert it’s killing me too joke here). My chin and cheeks were tender to the touch. During class we were drilling different guillotine entries and each and everyone sucked more than the last. I was put into a rear naked choke and the person’s arm was trying to get passed the fortress my chin beard had created but in turn the tugging made my lip dangle like I was packing some skoal. Nobody wants to tap from getting there facial hair ripped out but I have no shame in admitting that the pain from having my face follicles distressed certainly made me consider it. Did I mention the unsightly mess it leaves on the mats too? I won’t even digress into an analogies of the beard hairs on the mats but with a heavy heart and imminent regret looming I think it’s time for the beard to go
(Note: Pat isn’t in the picture but his soul is)

LONG ISLAND MMA UPDATE | New blue-belt + saying good by

Long Island MMA has some good news and some bad news.

We know you want the bad news first, so here it is: Austin E one of our long time members since our gym was located in Linenhurst is leaving us to start a new life in Australia. Although Long Island MMA and its staff are excited for him we can’t but help be sad that he is leaving us. Austin came to Long Island MMA with no Brazilian Jiu Jitsu experience and became one of our toughest and most dedicated members. Austin developed a highly technical game with equal parts dangerous guard and a punishing top presents. Austin also became one of Long Island MMA’s instructors teaching one of our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu whitebelt classes. Your student’s will miss you Austin!

Good Luck Austin!

Here is the good news!

On Monday during Gregg’s Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu class Big Joe got promoted! Joe has been working really hard lately, despite being one of the biggest guys at the gym he has managed to developed true technique. He is not simply relying on his strength and size.  Joe also gifted us one of the funnest gauntlet walk-through’s as he laughed at the puny men in the BJJ class as they tried to lash him.
Congratulations Joe!

Pat Rivera Blog | The new gym: Islip


So I finally attended a kick boxing class at Long Island Mixed Martial Arts. I don’t
think in the 6 years (on and off), have I ever attended one kick boxing class. I’ve
certainly done other classes similar like muay thai for example but I always just
enjoyed the ground game more. Not to mention I was terrible and pretty sure I gave
my foot a mat like burn from tightening my shin pad guard things to tight. I digress,
less about my futility and more about kickboxing. First I would like to give kudos to
the coach teaching this particular night Hugh. Hugh is a fun character with a
contagiously humorous side. I was apprehensive naturally about attending
kickboxing because I can barely kick higher than the mid way point of someone’s
shin. Nonetheless, I mustered through it. The class has a fun pace to it. It entirely
combines the learning aspect of striking and kicking yet sprinkles in an intense
enough exercise facet to it to work your heart rate. Let’s face it, I was gassed
warming up trying to not whip myself while jump roping. Even through my fatigue
Hugh encouraged me and pointed out different techniques for me to be able to
achieve that perky above the waist kick that ultimately landed. Like I said, I was
huffing for wind early and often so with en empty tank technique could be the first
thing that fails you. Thankfully, Hugh was there, making his rounds from group to
group correcting with subtle changes to my form and others to keep us in check. As
fun and grueling as the class was, it was also a testament to Hugh and his ability to
keep me interest while striving to correct myself. I will certainly be back next week
and implement my newly acquired skill and try to expand on them further.

John Gotti is victorious in professional MMA debut | Long Island MMA


John Gotti is victorious in professional MMA debut | Long Island MMA

John Gotti was victorious winning his pro MMA debut for CES in Road Island. Even though this was John’s professional MMA debut it certainly didn’t look that way. Long Island MMA’s John Gotti was able to win the fight via vicious first round TKO. John is often in the public eye because of the Gotti last name and has a lot of attention in the media crazed MMA world, and even with all the distractions John always seems to come out victorious.

We are excited to see what the future holds for John. 

New Long Island MMA Purple-belts | Long Island Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

New Long Island MMA Purple-belts | Long Island Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Congratulations to Long Island MMA’s Chris G and Chris Wade for both getting their Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu purple-belts from Gregg DePasquale yesterday at Monday morning Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu class at our Farmingdale location.

Chris G is making his MMA debut on December 1st and is fighting in Triton fights and still makes time to train and improve in the Gi coming to many of our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes despite the heavy work load that a fighter has.

Chris Wade is a lightweight contender in the UFC’s most talent packed division, Wade recently has been putting a lot of time in to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and his improvement cant be denied. We are excited to see Chris show-case his grappling improvement in his next UFC bout.

Pat Rivera Blog | The Revival

Pat Rivera Blog | The Revial

So it’s been approximately 4 months since I have trained and a lot has happened
in the Long Island Mixed Martial Arts world. I’m sure you’re all familiar by now but
there’s a whole new facility available to the gym members. Since I’ve been gone
LIMMA has opened up a new location at 181 Freeman Ave #5, Islip, NY 11751. Luckily
for me I am conveniently sandwiched equidistant from both locations. The Islip location
is fitting located right off the southern state parkway. It’s a win win for me and equally
fellow Long Island members who perhaps live a little further east on the island. If you
haven’t visited the location yet you’re missing out. I was able to make it out to a class
taught by the fan favorite and UFC’s own Chris Wade. Being that it was my first time
attending the new location, I figured I would get lost or have a tough time finding it. It
was quite the opposite. The new LIMMA location is nestled quaintly within the envelope
of a Gold’s gym that is equipped with all the bells and whistles.
My first go at the new location was taking the mixed martial arts class lead by
Wade. However, the schedule offers a strong base of kickboxing, brazil jiu-jitsu ( gi and
no gi) for both adults and kids. I had a blast introducing myself in the MMA class and
intend on doing a full write up on my first experience back, so stay tuned. In the mean
time I intend on making it to all available classes offered at the Islip gym and will come
back with feed back to each and every class I attend. There was a handful of new faces
and I cannot wait to meet all the new people along the way. Who’s coming with me?

HENRI HOOFT SEMINAR 11/7 @7pm || Long Island MMA Farmingdale

HENRI HOOFT SEMINAR 11/7 @7pm || Long Island MMA Farmingdale

Long Island MMA will be hosting another Henri Hooft seminar on Tuesday November 7th at 7pm at Long Island MMA’s Farmingdale location. The seminar will be limited in space so make sure you reserve your spot today. The seminar will be $60 if you preregister and $70 if you pay the day of.

Henri will also be grading new students and promoting current students of Long Island MMA’s Hkickboxing system.

Come down to Long Island MMA 590 smith st Farmingdale NY 11735, Call 631-592-8339 or email to reserve your spot in this seminar.