SCHEDULE CHANGES| Farmingdale + Islip

Long Island MMA – Farmingdale (HQ) is having some schedule changes coming up Long Island MMA – Farmingdale is moving its Wednesday Wrestling at 11am to Thursday at 7pm. Coach Kyle and Coach Nick will alternate teaching the wrestling class week to week!

Long Island MMA – Islip (Gold’s Gym) is moving our Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 9:15am classes to 7am. Long Island MMA Islip is also cancelling the 9:15 classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays until further notice.

Pat Rivera Blog Pt 8 | Coffee+BJJ

6 am classes are starting to heat up and develop into one of my favorites. Sounds  rhetorical but you can’t emphasis enough what a great feeling it is to have  completed an awesome task at such a daunting hour and have the remainder of your  day at your leisure. Shoot you may even be tempted to swing back around in the  evening and double up. Can’t hurt to get those extra stickers in there when you can!  The last breakfast club was a little more amped up than the previous one. There has  been a consistent bunch of peeps who have been going but this time around there  was a bigger showing of pro MMA fighters. I am as competitive as the next guy.  Perhaps that the issue that I compare myself as competitive as the next guy and not  above or at a greater level than the subsequent egocentric bar standard of  competitiveness. Nonetheless, in fact I am pretty competitive, if my daughter  challenges me to game of rock,paper, scissors, you best believe I’m going to crush  her soul with every draw of the hand. Now here is when you separate the men from  mouse for lack of better expression. When you mix your everyday grappling  voyeurs with a few MMA fighters the intensity of the class is increased ten fold.  They’re a different breed!! There’s no coasting or plateau in the level of training.  They’re exhausting to watch let alone train with but there’s no better experience  than mixing it up with one of those animals. They willingly get punched in the face  for sport and consistently push their body to extremes. Take our very own UFC top  10 Dennis, dude has no chill! His tank is always full and at max rpm. Now show up  at 6 am and train with someone that has that same insane drive. This is not to put  down the laymen bjj / mma practitioner , it’s more or less a compliment at the  different level those pro’s train at. I had the pleasure of rolling with one of these  guys and it really makes you humble that you’re never safe A and B that if you don’t  step your game up during those 5 mins you’re getting toyed with. Aside from the  intensity they brought to the class, coach made a valid and inspiring mid class  revelation. There was a fluidity to the class in the move of the day. A lot of us were  able to get through the repetition of the moves and there was a hand full who  hiccuped through it. It was well noted that those who have made it consistently  were the ones who had some ease with under standing the concept of the moves  and performed better in consequence. I can attest that when I first started training  again I was at lost for a bit but the training regiment at LIMMA is well tailored and  typically each class transitions into the next. Can’t wait to see who shows up next!!

Sergio & Patrovich’s next fight at CFFC | Long Island Mixed Martial Arts

On November 1st at CFFC 43 two of Long Island MMA’s own Sergio “The Savage” Da Silva and Ryan Patrovich will be stepping into the cage yet again. Sergio who is riding a 2 fight win streak is looking to keep the momentum going facing off with Evan Velez. Ryan Patrovich who is coming off a dominant win in his MMA debut is going to look to do it again in this next fight against Nicholas Willey. Both of these men train alongside the elite fighters that come out of Long Island MMA such as Ryan LaFlare, Chris Wade, Dennis Bermudez, etc.  They both will be well prepared for this next fight and im sure both of them will be looking to finish each of their opponents.

Rpatro SergioSAVAGE