Long Island MMA competition team results this weekend

This weekend Long Island MMA’s competition team did really well. Ashiek Ajim and Justin Raft were able to win at Triton fights at the Space in westbery. Ashiek won vs a tough opponent via knockout and Justin was able to pull off a slick armbar in the second round of his fight. Tyler and Ashiek both won their divisions at Naga, congratulations to a dominant night for all competitors.

LIMMA’s Dennis Bermudez co-headlines: UFC FIGHT NIGHT DOS SANTOS VS IVANOV

LIMMA’s Dennis Bermudez co-headlines: UFC FIGHT NIGHT DOS SANTOS VS IVANOV

Long Island MMA’s Dennis Bermudez is fighting this Saturday July 14th at 10pm. The fight will be the co-main event of Dos Santos Vs Ivanov. Dennis Bermudez is coming off of two split decision losses that many people thought should have went the other way. Dennis is looking to get back in the win column on Saturday with an impressive performance. Dennis has been training hard and hes excited to show everyone that his hard work is going to pay off.

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Belt promotions at Long Island MMA! | Long Island Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Congratulations to Ashiek Ajim for earning the rank of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu purple belt from Gregg DePasqaule, Ashiek has been training hard and his hard work paid off!

Congratulations as well to Joe Rios for earning his BJJ blue belt from Gregg DePasqaule as well. Joe has put in a great effort in his BJJ training lately. Great job Joe congratulations!

Long Island MMA wins at Triton Fights | Long Island Mixed Martial Arts

Long Island MMA has a great night last Fridat at Triton Fights. Long Island MMA made its return to the cage inside the Space in Westbury for Triton Fights.

Long Island MMA’s Bobby Casale was the first fight of the night and he did not disappoint. Bobby was able to disarm a dangerous opponent and take his opponent down and win each round using superior grappling and striking. This is Bobby’s third fight inside the Triton Fights cage at only 19 years old, the future is bright for Bobby!

Justin Klien also picked up a great win verse Richard Pabone who has a bunch of fight experience and has a few member of Long Island MMA before. Justin was able to control the fight and win via unanimous decision.

Long Island MMA’s Ashiek Ajim fought for Triton Fights vacant 135 pound championship.  Ashiek fought maybe his most game opponent Ronnie Rodriguez, who was a strong wrestler and a well rounded MMA fighter. Ashiek was able to turn his aggressive opponent against the cage and utilize his ever-improving striking to score a first round knockout.

Congratulations to ALL fighters who competed at Triton Fights, it was a great night of fights everyone fought well!

Kimura Month | BJJ technique

What is better then shark week you ask? Kimura Month!

This month we will be going over Kimuras in all Long Island MMA Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu classes.

This is a video of head coach Gregg DePasquale doing the Inverted Kimura technique. We got a lot of requests to do this video so we decided to put it out as always if you have any techniques you would wish to see please don’t hesitate to ask.

Pat Rivera Blog Pt. 7 | Sticker Contest!

As everyone has probably heard by now, Long Island Mixed Martial Arts is running a  New Years resolution contest. I’m stoked to find out who is going to be the one who  kicked off 2017 with a bang. Before the contest was posted I was rolling with my  brochacho Brian and he made me aware of this incentive based contest. I recall  agreeing with him on how it will promote attendance and it will increase the  competitive atmosphere. He shared with me how it was something they implemented in his yoga class. When I was in high school I too partook in a similar  contest. Being super competitive and goal oriented, when my football coach created  the similar challenge, I was first to lick my chops at the prize. We had to show up  after school and work out at the gym during the off-season. I showed up every  single day! The competition was close but only one kid genuinely gave me a run for  my money. Luckily at the time I was living in Florida and the kid caught a wicked  sunburn and couldn’t lift that day. I literally beat him by one day. I passed up on the  grand prize in the end but I walked away way stronger and reached many personal  best in addition to benefiting ten fold from the drive I had to beat out my fellow teammates. I became a main stay in the gym and promoted others to try and out do  me. So who will it be from LIMMA that comes out on top with the most attendance  stickers next to his their respective name? I was nursing a cranked elbow last week  but I will be getting my name on there by doing the trifecta of morning classes next  week and sprinkling in some days this week. I’m equally stoked to find out the prize  at the end as well. In addition to the New Years resolution contest LIMMA offers  other incentive laden rewards, for example when you get a stripe on your belt you  get to spin the wheel. On that wheel you find some pretty dope prizes (my personal  favorite is a high five from the Depo). I am sure now that we are reaching the first  half of the month the boards are stacked but it’s never to late to start doubling up  and checking out those weekend classes offered to sneak in some stickers.
-Pat Rivera 

Long Island MMA Kid’s Promotions | Long Island BJJ

Long Island MMA is very proud of their Children’s Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Program. The children in our program all show increases in their discipline, focus and leadership on a consistent basis. This hasn’t been more obvious then watching Tyler, Nick, and Sofia. These 3 kids have improved so much! Nick came from another martial arts school and recently has really turned a corner with his BJJ training, Nick has been focused and has really improved his aggression during his live training. Tyler is always the one who can answer the instructors questions, Tyler’s technique has improved so much in the last couple of months and we are very proud of him. Lastly Sophia has improved in every aspect of her game, Sophia always had a consistent guard but she has now improved her top game! for these reason Long Island MMA is proud to promote Tyler, Nick and Sophia to the rank of White-grey belt! congratulations guys!

[VIDEO] How to break a strong armbar grip and how to pull a person down from a triangle | Long Island BJJ

Long Island MMA’s head Brazilian Jiu Jitsu coach Gregg DePasquale teaches us to interesting techniques on how to beat a person with a strong grip, and how to beat someone with strong posture. These techniques were apart of a small group training session at Long Island MMA. Many of our students are using both of these techniques with a lot of success we hope they work out for you too!