Long Island MMA takes over the Coliseum

On July 22nd Long Island MMA fighters will take over the Coliseum. The first fight of the night is kicked of by Long Island MMA product Chris Wade. This is only appropriate as Long Island MMA’s Wade will take on Long Island’s first ever MMA fight since he even is part owner of a company called Island Strong, dedicated to promoting Long Island businesses.

July 22nd Long Island MMA of Farmingdale and Islip are sending in three fighters Chris Wade is first followed by LIMMA captain and owner Ryan LaFlare, and finally Dennis Bermudez will be the co main event of the show! UFC Long Island is also featuring other Long Island natives Brian Kelleher, Gian Villante and the main event is headlined by Chris Weidman.

Use hash tag #LONGISLANDMMA when talking about the event!

UFC Long Island

Long Island MMA Member Profiles: Mariann Teller

Long Island MMA Member Profiles: Mariann Teller

Check out this short video of Mariann Teller, Mariann has been a member of Long Island MMA for quite sometime. Mariann trains at least 3 times a week coming to Long Island MMA’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes with coaches Gregg DePasquale, Brent Appiarius and Brian Michelino. Mariann has been a decidcated member of Long Island MMA starting off her MMA journey with striking classes but eventually making her way to BJJ classes at Long Island MMA. Mariann’s MMA/BJJ journey has even lead her to competing in a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournament.

Stay tuned for more Long Island MMA profiles!

Hugh McKenna wins big at Bellator MSG

Hugh McKenna wins big at Bellator MSG

Long time Long Island MMA team member Hugh McKenna scored a first round submission at Bellator NYC. Hugh was able to impose his game and take his opponent down off of the cage. Hugh was able to get to the mount and get to one of his strongest submissions the Kimura. Hugh moved off of the mount position and finished the Kimura in the side mount position.

Congratulations Hugh! we are looking forward to seeing what is next for you!


4th of July Schedule!

LIMMA holiday schedule is as follows:
Long Island MMA’s Islip location is closed.
Long Island MMA’s Farmingdale location will hold two classes. We will be holding our regularly scheduled 7am No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu class, as well as a 11:30am No-Gi Jiu Jitsu class!

We hope to see you guys for both classes if possible!

LIMMA fighting at MSG


From Newsday:
On Tuesday, June 13, 2017, at the Long Island MMA gym in Farmingdale, Sergio Da Silva and Hugh McKenna expressed excitement over being among the first group of Bellator MMA fighters to compete at Madison Square Garden. Bellator NYC is scheduled for June 24. McKenna will be facing John Salgado, while Da Silva fights Matt Rizzo.
(Credit: Newsday / Raychel Brightman, Marcus Villagran, Ryan Gerbosi)

[VIDEO] Long Island MMA Kimura Trap System | Video Highlight

Long Island MMA has been Kimura happy for the past few months. Long Island MMA has put together a few of their favorite Kimura Techniques, all these moves don’t end up with Kimura finishes but they have a Kimura sprinkled in somewhere.

Dennis Bermudez shows-Kimura roll up from side control
Billy shows-Sacrifice throw with Kimura grip, to cross side Kimura
Eric Ott shows-Kimura from closed guard to triangle
Jahsua Marsh-Kimura back trap to arm-lock
Kyle Cerm shows-Knee block TD to north-south Kimura
Robert Diggle shows-Opponent defends Kimura by standing to inside heel-hook
Hugh Mckenna shows-Kimura spin to back-take from Z-guard
Brian Michelino shows-Reverse crucifix to black Kimura
Brent shows-Opponent defending Kimura, shoulder roll to black Kimura
Gregg DePasqaule-Opponent goes to knees from Kimura, Rip back, cross side finish, and suicide Kimura

Check out the video and let us know what technique was your favorite and as always let us know if you have any ideas of any techniques that Long Island MMA can cover.