Pat Rivera Blog #14 | The early worm gets the bird.

According to my sources my articles have been growing in popularity. I’ve been told a lot of people read them. I was even recognized mid class as “that guy who writes the blog”. So as you all should know by now, I am quite the fan of early morning classes. It’s become the coffee to my morning during the week. For me it has to do with my schedule and my hectic schedule once the day starts till it finishes. The morning classes have their main stays. We all know McPartland is one of those staples!! The rotation of training partners have varied with some coming and going periodically. However, last Thursday’s Gi class was the bomb! It’s great having Depo coach you up in the morning. He truly is a wizard. He harped on me for a particular way that I was performing a move and even though I did it wrong like three times, I appreciated how he pays attention to the details and fine tunes our craft. In addition to that the class was packed! I love classes like that. It’s not just about that masses but the amount of different talent levels. I’m not old school or whatever it’s considered where belt colors only train with their particular belt colors. I enjoy the variety of it. I don’t mind training with a white belt because some of them are wild and rush the hell out of everything. However, 9 times out 10 I feel more likely to get hurt by one of them for the aforementioned reasons. Obviously being a blue belt I get a kick out of seeing how the other blues are progressing. Then there is the higher ranks which provide a lesson and give you an idea of how your game needs to advance. The last class was like that minus a brown belt. I missed my chance at getting whooped by Billy but hopefully next class he’s there again. I look forward to more morning classes like that…who’s with me?
-Pat Rivera

NEW CLASS! Leg Locks @ LIMMA 9am on Friday! | Long Island MMA schedule

NEW CLASS! Leg Locks @ LIMMA 9am on Friday! | Long Island MMA schedule!

Long Island MMA continues to add to its already packed schedule with a NEW CLASS every Friday at 9am! This class is going to be our second “Leg Lock” No-gi Jiu-Jitsu class taught by Rob Diggle. Rob is one of the best Leg Lockers on the east coast and has done leg locks in both No-gi grappling, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts. We look forward to seeing you all come down and train at 9am on Friday

April is Kimura Month at Long Island MMA | Long Island Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Coming up for the month of April is Kimura month at Long Island MMA during all of our grappling classes Both no-gi and Gi. Last year we did Kimura’s for about 3 months in most of our grappling classes and our students really got good at them, many of them were able to execute Kimura’s in BJJ tournaments. We have been getting alot of requests again for Kimura’s at LIMMA so we decided to bring them back for the month of April. Make sure all of you guys are here to learn Long Island MMA’s kimura system!

Check out the video below to see one of the kimura’s Long Island MMA’s head Brazilian Jiu Jitsu coach Gregg DePasquale showing one Kimura from Long Island MMA’s Kimura system!


Pat Rivera Blog #13 | Zebra

Every now and then we go through our training process whether it be BJJ, MMA or boxing, what ever your art of choice is and we ask our self how we have progressed. It’s reassuring to know that you’re heading in the right direction. You put hours into the gym, sweating and drilling moves over and over and you’re rewarded with your retention and dedication and more importantly your increase knowledge and combat skill. In jiu-jitsu our ranks are belt color based, varying from white to black. Along the way of your progression through the ranks you get a number of stripes on your set belt before ultimately being promoted to another higher rank. It’s a pretty cool rush when coach calls you all up against the wall and he starts ripping up a piece of tape to let you know you’re progressing. He usually says a few nice choice words and gives you that next step towards a new belt. Most recently, I got watch a young dude who most definitely earned his stripe that he was awarded last week. I had the honor of training with him almost every morning class I attended during the month of January, even though compared to him that wasn’t many classes attended at all. Mike McPartland was the attendance winner for the month of January. He crushed the everyone who participated. From the beginning of the month to present day you can tell he retained plenty of information and sharpened his skill set. Props to him! It was cool watching him reap the benefits of his hard work. Stripes and belts aren’t just handed out. They’re all earned. It’s why we respect Depo and his journey because we all know the hard work he had to go through to earn that prestige. In this sport you get out what you put in.
-Pat Rivera

[Video] What to do from a failed knee block | Long Island Wrestling

[Video] What to do from a failed knee block | Long Island Wrestling.

Long Island MMA’s wrestling coach Kyle Cerminara is joined by Long Island MMA‘s owner and UFC top welterweight Ryan LaFlare for today’s technique! In today’s technique Kyle goes over what to do when his knee block take-down fails. Kyle also goes over how to do the knee block in the same video.

Let us know if you have any questions or ideas for other techniques.


Congratulations to Keno, Anthony and Aiden!

Congratulations to Keno, Anthony and Aiden!

Congratulations to Keno, Anthony and Aiden of the Long Island MMA kids class. All three students are constantly taking Long Island Kid’s BJJ classes and their hard work and progress shows. All three students recently completed and placed in their first BJJ tourney, these students are also tremendous leaders inside and outside the gym. Aiden and Anthony both got promoted from white-black belt to grey belt and Keno just got promoted from grey belt to grey-whitebelt!

Congrualtions to all three kids! keep on working hard!

Today 3/15/17 830 Hkickboxing

Today at 830pm Christian Dottin will be teaching the Hkickboxing class. This is a level 1 Hkickboxing class and this will be Christians second time teaching it. We got such a good response last time people were wondering when Christian will be teaching again so we wanted to let everyone know! Christian has been training at Long Island MMA for quite sometime and has been a great example of the Hkickboxing system, during Long Island MMA’s first Grading Seminar christian was among the very few that was awarded a level 3 ranking from Henri Hooft. In addition to competing in Kickboxing and being a level 3 ranked Hkickboxer, Christian is also a school teacher which makes him an excellent Kickboxing instructor. Be sure to be here today!

Pat Rivera Blog #12 | Keto and chill

Recently, I started ketosis to expedite my weight loss process. Ketosis at its simplest explanation is a diet consisting of very minimal carbohydrates. The last time I tried the keto diet, I was training for a bjj competition and needed to lose nearly 30 lbs in a month of time. I’ve never lost that much weight in a short time frame, as I am not a professional anything other than architect. Keto helped me shred the weight off at a very rapid pace. At the time I was training multiple times a day and really pushing my body. I am a little bit older now and I have been training lets say two to three times per week sort of consistently for a few months. The annoying part is that I haven’t lost a single pound since I have picked up training again. I avoided the scale for the first two months of training. I started around the time of Thanksgiving. Around the corner from that gluttonous holiday is Christmas. I know I know I could of said no to all the delicious food and made my life easier but I didn’t. Not only did I gain weight during the early part of my training but I consequently affected my training. My asthma was stupid while I rolled. I sounded like I was going to be turned inside out gasping for air. To make things worst, I work a sedentary job and my co-workers (and I) love to order bad bad food!!! I needed change to say the least. Not only change but also a kick start too. I wasn’t bad always in terms of my diet. I ate paleo for the most part. However, weekends I would feast and on lazy mornings I would cave to bagels. Luckily for me some family members were picking my brain for tips on ketosis and recipes. I found myself answering a lot of questions and decided why not join them. So my significant other and I have been fully committed for a week or so and I can finally say I lost some weight!! I was happy to see the scale nearly five pounds lighter. Only down side from the deprivation of carbs was I had zero energy while training fasted. I hate training on a full stomach but I may switch things up to prevent feeling depleted. Now that I am getting my resolution on track I am hungry for more results, six pack here I come!
-Pat Rivera