Pat Rivera Blog | To beard or not to beard.

To beard or not to beard? This is almost never a question for me. I know were in the thick of November and every bro out there is rocking either a mean stache or grizzly beard for, “no shave November”. However, having a beard and training SUCKS! I’ve been going hard for almost an entire year with out shaving. My beard is rather lush at this point. I’ve taken good care of it too. Thanks to the Savage Sergio for pointing me in the direction of Savage Mane, my beard is often silky smooth yet more manly smelling than Ron Swanson. To be quite honest there aren’t many reason that I would ever want to go beardless. Shoot, I’m getting hitched in 3 months and my fiancée has even asked me to cut my beard down (she didn’t ask to take it entirely off) but needless to say I considered sending her packing for such outrageous request. However, I’ve come to cross road in my person beard journey. Getting your beard ripped out hurts like B&*^# ! Not even joking, my first few days back into training I was expecting my muscles to perhaps be a little tender and sore. Nope! Not even the case, my freaking face hurt ( yea yea insert it’s killing me too joke here). My chin and cheeks were tender to the touch. During class we were drilling different guillotine entries and each and everyone sucked more than the last. I was put into a rear naked choke and the person’s arm was trying to get passed the fortress my chin beard had created but in turn the tugging made my lip dangle like I was packing some skoal. Nobody wants to tap from getting there facial hair ripped out but I have no shame in admitting that the pain from having my face follicles distressed certainly made me consider it. Did I mention the unsightly mess it leaves on the mats too? I won’t even digress into an analogies of the beard hairs on the mats but with a heavy heart and imminent regret looming I think it’s time for the beard to go
(Note: Pat isn’t in the picture but his soul is)

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