LONG ISLAND MMA UPDATE | New blue-belt + saying good by

Long Island MMA has some good news and some bad news.

We know you want the bad news first, so here it is: Austin E one of our long time members since our gym was located in Linenhurst is leaving us to start a new life in Australia. Although Long Island MMA and its staff are excited for him we can’t but help be sad that he is leaving us. Austin came to Long Island MMA with no Brazilian Jiu Jitsu experience and became one of our toughest and most dedicated members. Austin developed a highly technical game with equal parts dangerous guard and a punishing top presents. Austin also became one of Long Island MMA’s instructors teaching one of our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu whitebelt classes. Your student’s will miss you Austin!

Good Luck Austin!

Here is the good news!

On Monday during Gregg’s Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu class Big Joe got promoted! Joe has been working really hard lately, despite being one of the biggest guys at the gym he has managed to developed true technique. He is not simply relying on his strength and size.  Joe also gifted us one of the funnest gauntlet walk-through’s as he laughed at the puny men in the BJJ class as they tried to lash him.
Congratulations Joe!

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