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So I finally attended a kick boxing class at Long Island Mixed Martial Arts. I don’t
think in the 6 years (on and off), have I ever attended one kick boxing class. I’ve
certainly done other classes similar like muay thai for example but I always just
enjoyed the ground game more. Not to mention I was terrible and pretty sure I gave
my foot a mat like burn from tightening my shin pad guard things to tight. I digress,
less about my futility and more about kickboxing. First I would like to give kudos to
the coach teaching this particular night Hugh. Hugh is a fun character with a
contagiously humorous side. I was apprehensive naturally about attending
kickboxing because I can barely kick higher than the mid way point of someone’s
shin. Nonetheless, I mustered through it. The class has a fun pace to it. It entirely
combines the learning aspect of striking and kicking yet sprinkles in an intense
enough exercise facet to it to work your heart rate. Let’s face it, I was gassed
warming up trying to not whip myself while jump roping. Even through my fatigue
Hugh encouraged me and pointed out different techniques for me to be able to
achieve that perky above the waist kick that ultimately landed. Like I said, I was
huffing for wind early and often so with en empty tank technique could be the first
thing that fails you. Thankfully, Hugh was there, making his rounds from group to
group correcting with subtle changes to my form and others to keep us in check. As
fun and grueling as the class was, it was also a testament to Hugh and his ability to
keep me interest while striving to correct myself. I will certainly be back next week
and implement my newly acquired skill and try to expand on them further.

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