Pat Rivera Blog | The Revival

Pat Rivera Blog | The Revial

So it’s been approximately 4 months since I have trained and a lot has happened
in the Long Island Mixed Martial Arts world. I’m sure you’re all familiar by now but
there’s a whole new facility available to the gym members. Since I’ve been gone
LIMMA has opened up a new location at 181 Freeman Ave #5, Islip, NY 11751. Luckily
for me I am conveniently sandwiched equidistant from both locations. The Islip location
is fitting located right off the southern state parkway. It’s a win win for me and equally
fellow Long Island members who perhaps live a little further east on the island. If you
haven’t visited the location yet you’re missing out. I was able to make it out to a class
taught by the fan favorite and UFC’s own Chris Wade. Being that it was my first time
attending the new location, I figured I would get lost or have a tough time finding it. It
was quite the opposite. The new LIMMA location is nestled quaintly within the envelope
of a Gold’s gym that is equipped with all the bells and whistles.
My first go at the new location was taking the mixed martial arts class lead by
Wade. However, the schedule offers a strong base of kickboxing, brazil jiu-jitsu ( gi and
no gi) for both adults and kids. I had a blast introducing myself in the MMA class and
intend on doing a full write up on my first experience back, so stay tuned. In the mean
time I intend on making it to all available classes offered at the Islip gym and will come
back with feed back to each and every class I attend. There was a handful of new faces
and I cannot wait to meet all the new people along the way. Who’s coming with me?

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