Pat Rivera Blog #12 | Keto and chill

Recently, I started ketosis to expedite my weight loss process. Ketosis at its simplest explanation is a diet consisting of very minimal carbohydrates. The last time I tried the keto diet, I was training for a bjj competition and needed to lose nearly 30 lbs in a month of time. I’ve never lost that much weight in a short time frame, as I am not a professional anything other than architect. Keto helped me shred the weight off at a very rapid pace. At the time I was training multiple times a day and really pushing my body. I am a little bit older now and I have been training lets say two to three times per week sort of consistently for a few months. The annoying part is that I haven’t lost a single pound since I have picked up training again. I avoided the scale for the first two months of training. I started around the time of Thanksgiving. Around the corner from that gluttonous holiday is Christmas. I know I know I could of said no to all the delicious food and made my life easier but I didn’t. Not only did I gain weight during the early part of my training but I consequently affected my training. My asthma was stupid while I rolled. I sounded like I was going to be turned inside out gasping for air. To make things worst, I work a sedentary job and my co-workers (and I) love to order bad bad food!!! I needed change to say the least. Not only change but also a kick start too. I wasn’t bad always in terms of my diet. I ate paleo for the most part. However, weekends I would feast and on lazy mornings I would cave to bagels. Luckily for me some family members were picking my brain for tips on ketosis and recipes. I found myself answering a lot of questions and decided why not join them. So my significant other and I have been fully committed for a week or so and I can finally say I lost some weight!! I was happy to see the scale nearly five pounds lighter. Only down side from the deprivation of carbs was I had zero energy while training fasted. I hate training on a full stomach but I may switch things up to prevent feeling depleted. Now that I am getting my resolution on track I am hungry for more results, six pack here I come!
-Pat Rivera

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