Pat Rivera Blog #12 | Family Matters

Recently, my cousin signed up his little son to BJJ in south Florida. After watching the little homie have a blast my cousin decided he would embark on his own journey of martial arts. He signed up as well and has been nothing short of obsessed with his new found love. My cousin lives in Florida and like seemingly the rest of the world we speak here and there and mainly communicate subsequently through various social media platforms like facebook and instagram. Since he has joined he calls some nights to discuss training. I get the low down on who’s punking who down in his gym. He asks me advice or tells me what moves they’re practicing.Naturally, I boast about Long Island MMA every chance I get and I tell him what is going on in our gym. I’ll brag about how La Flare just won his UFC bout in Brooklyn or explain to him the fine details of Depo’s effective butterfly guard sweeps. He’s been in it for about a two months or so and even though he’s not bringing his enthusiasm to LIMMA, I am still very happy for him and passion. Just like the ever so popular ( perhaps fad? ) crossfit, BJJ brings together many people. We’re clicky whether we like to admit it or not. We have our own jargon and like to wear stretchy spandexie tight clothes or maybe that’s just me!!! Who cares though, its our thing. Most importantly it brings us all together. It gives us a common ground. I look forward to the phone calls from cousin to speak BJJ. I don’t get to hang out much after classes but some of the best bro time is on the side of the mats watching some of the people put in extra work. We get all philosophical, share insight and even give our own play by play of the live rolls. Along the way we meet new training partners, develop friendships and formulate a certain brotherhood. My cousin albeit a cousin through marriage is family, he is also now part of my extended BJJ family, just like everyone at LIMMA whom I consider family.
-Pat Rivera 

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