NEW CLASS SUNDAY @ 10AM & FLASH CLASS on Monday 1/22 @3pm

NEW CLASS SUNDAY @ 10AM & FLASH CLASS on Monday 1/22 @3pm

Long Island MMA is adding a class every sunday at 10am in the Gi.

We are also having a No-Gi BJJ flash class on Monday 1/22 at 3pm! come down and help us make this a permanent class.

We want to test out some mid day times for classes! Come down if you can make it.

*Flash classes are one off classes at Long Island MMA that are not on the schedule. We do not promise to have this class every week but if enough people show up we will run it the following week! All Long Island MMA members welcome!

Long Island MMA Butter Videos

Long Island MMA has many videos some of them with over 100k views and some have less then 100 views but they all have the same amount of hard work and dedication that go into making them. In this weeks butter videos Long Island MMA Long Island MMA is showing off two of our videos that are often overlooked BUT-ARE (BUTTER) great videos non-the-less

The first one is a simple but a very important video from Long Island MMA Black Belt Billy Hofacker 2 things you should never do when you are inside someones guard. This is a great video for BJJ new comers and we often find ourselves explaining these two details to alot of our new students.

The second video is a bit of a more advanced technique from coach Brent. Brent teaches us one of his favorite and most used techniques the Butterfly guard sweep. Coach Brent is known for his butterfly guard sweep so check out his details in this technique.

2 new videos from Long Island MMA | Wrestling Techniques

Long Island MMA has been away for a while but now we are back with 2 new videos.

Both wrestling techniques from our wrestling coaches Kyle and Nick. Kyle and Nick alternate teaching our wrestling class on Thursday at 7pm.

Check them out and let us know what you think. If you have any other questions for videos please leave us a comment and let us know how we could help you!

SCHEDULE CHANGES| Farmingdale + Islip

Long Island MMA – Farmingdale (HQ) is having some schedule changes coming up Long Island MMA – Farmingdale is moving its Wednesday Wrestling at 11am to Thursday at 7pm. Coach Kyle and Coach Nick will alternate teaching the wrestling class week to week!

Long Island MMA – Islip (Gold’s Gym) is moving our Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 9:15am classes to 7am. Long Island MMA Islip is also cancelling the 9:15 classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays until further notice.