Pat Rivera Blog #12 | New Gym!

It’s been about a week or so since I last trained. I took a little time to rest up some nagging injuries. My elbow was entirely weak and my neck was stiff from all the brabo chokes we have been drilling. After a week of resting my body, I feel exactly the same, so I’m going back to training. I really exhausted zero physical effort during my little R&R from Long Island MMA. I perhaps exerted some energy during our little winter storm shoveling …but not much. Albeit my physical well being wasn’t affected there was however one thing I noticed changed in my over all health during that week off from training and that was my mental status (with out sounding like I am totally off my rocker). With out making this an entirely psychological digest, I am a happy person. That being said, I felt a certain unhappiness about not training. I realized about mid-week that I was totally jonesing for some grappling. My endorphin, dopamine, oxytocin and serotonin levels needed their stimulation!! Our very own Mike “ The Caveman”, did his piece on Facebook, covering the addictive qualities of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu/ Grappling etc and I can attest to all his points made in his presentation. Not only does going to LIMMA satiate my pleasure for a contact sport but also as pointed out by my significant other the gym provides me with a great escape valve. I work a rather hectic workweek with deadlines and I am always in crunch mode as an architect. I’m a huge advocate of not taking work with me, in terms of complaining and taking out my stress on my lady or the kiddies. To me work is work and it should remain there. However, as I was saying sometimes I need somewhere to blow some steam and there’s no freaking better way of legally getting away assault than going to the gym. Just kidding that sounds horrible but you get my point. For me that hour on the mats is my moment of clarity. With that said I can’t wait to beat up on my body some more the rest of the week and hopefully get a chance to make it out to the new West Islip location that recently opened in Gold’s Gym.
-Pat Rivera

Sergio Da Silva vs. Eddie Alvarez: CFFC 63

For all those that know Long Island MMA’s Sergio Da Silva they know he is one of the most liked and respected guys in the sport Sergio is one of those guys that never gets spoke about negatively by anyone even former opponents. We were surprised to hear that Sergio and his opponent were “feuding” over the internet. Sergio explains the digital confrontation in our interview with him below. Sergio Da Silva vs Eddie Alvarez Sergio is set for this coming Saturday at CFFC 63 in Atlantic City, this fight will be streamed live on if you use code DASILVA63 upon check out you will receive a discounted rate! UFC president Dana White will also be in attendance filming for his YouTube show “Dana White: looking for a fight”.

Pat Rivera Blog #11 | Getting in a groove!

I have been frequenting the morning classes pretty regularly now. So far my “new years resolution”, is for the most part on track. I’m entirely digging the Wednesday morning breakfast club. I owe being able to attend the morning classes to my significant other who puts the kids in school and takes care of the morning duties, which frees me up to go. I’ve also made it a habit of attending the Tuesday and Thursday Gi and No-Gi classes. It’s been a bit of a struggle to make it to work on time but being a few minutes late has been worth it in my opinion. I arrive to work totally ready to kick ass and pumped even though I have a sedentary desk job. I really want to make it to morning classes. It allows me attend 3 classes at minimum and I get great reps in at No-Gi. I have toyed with my different routes to work as 8 am is a bustling hour around Long Island MMA. Luckily, it’s conveniently also located equidistant between the main arterial paths of circulation on Long Island (L.I.E and SSP). This morning I found the way to work that gets me just 5 minutes late with out breaking any laws. Thankfully, my boss doesn’t get to angry with this. Another trade off of being able to frequent the morning classes, which my lady finds as a huge perk is I able to spend time in the evenings at home with my family. My job is stressful to say the least and often requires me to either stay late or bring work home with me. When I first returned back to LIMMA I was just trying to attend the evening classes. All to often I got stuck at work or needed to meet a deadline and just couldn’t make it. The worst was a few times I would get out just in time to rush to a class and I would notice it was 15 minutes into it and I would just turn around because I didn’t want to be disrespectful walking into class super late. When you want something you make the proper accommodation to meet your goals. Right now I am focused on increasing my bjj knowledge and getting my physical shape back on track. I am finding my groove and discovering what it takes to balance all things possible.

-Pat Rivera

Long Island MMA’s Ryan LaFlare defeats Roan Carneiro at the first fight ever in Brooklyn New York!

Saturday February 11th marked the first time the UFC has come to Brooklyn New York. The Barclay Center was home to UFC’s first show in Brooklyn, headlined by the first female featherweight fight. But another first that many people overlooked was the first time that Long Islander Ryan LaFlare would fight in front of his home town crowd as a professional fighter. Ryan was instrumental in lobbying for MMA to be legal inside NY, once we found out that Ryan wasn’t going to be fighting at UFC 205 the first fight in the Garden we were shocked. How ever the UFC would make up for it by having Ryan not only be on the first ever card in Brooklyn, but also being the first fight ever in Brooklyn. Ryan would not disapoint, Ryan went out there and defeating Roan Carneiro 3 rounds to none. Ryan wound up knocking down Carneiro twice with a straight left hand, Ryan also was landing kicks on Carneiro at all different angles. This combining with pushing the pace for the whole 15 minute affair is the reason all the judges saw the fight in LaFlares favor. This was LaFlares 7th appearance inside the octagon. We are excited to see what is next for Ryan and we are even more excited that he came out of this fight healthy and injury free!